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Build your own app trailers using our app trailer template service.


This service starts from Only $549 USD – "Longer YouTube version". This service is normally used to create great App Trailers, App Reviews & App Tutorials. Also very popular among independent developers. The estimated time to deliver this service is 5 to 7 days.


This is by far our most popular service. The production value included in this service is only matched by higher-budget, big-name video production agencies.


The reason why we are able to keep a lower cost in such a high quality product resides in the use of our own pre-animated 3D devices, also called “Templates”.


In the following example you’ll see how by using a 3D animated device or “Template” we created a unique App Trailer for MEDL Mobile. We have many to choose from and we are constantly creating new ones. Click here to watch our gallery, or click on the following images to look at the example:

This service includes a 3D animated device of your choice, customized background and title placeholders, music and sound effects editing, app footage and graphics editing, motion graphics & visual effects. The results speak for themselves and are simply outstanding.


There’s bundles available if you want to have more than one version of your App Trailer. We can create, at a discounted rate “15 & 30 Seconds App Trailers” out of the longer version. We will also include a 50% discount on your “Logo Animation” service if you bundle with the “App Trailer Templates” service.




For those apps that are available in both iOS and Android platforms, we take requests to create an App Trailer with two versions, the second App Trailer would be at a discounted price of course, for example:


To keep our low costs we ask our clients to provide all assets necessary for the creation of the App Trailer, this includes but may not be limited to:


- App footage

- Graphic Assets

- Logo

- Music

- Sound Effects

- Anything you would like to include in your App Trailer


Keep in mind, that the more you can provide & the less we need to create for you (besides putting the video together, the more affordable the whole process will be.


Of course, we can also create any kind of asset (at an extra cost), anything you need us to, anywhere from video and graphic assets (2D / 3D), provide Music, Sound Effects and Capture the App Footage Ourselves (essentially all of the above and more) depending on what assets you have, versus what you need us to create for your project.


Estimated time for the creation of your App Trailer depends on the level of complexity required, it can range from 24hours (15 & 30 sec app trailers) all the way up to 1 month + (on very special cases where detailed 3D or 2D character animation is required)


On average we can say it takes about a week to complete a regular app trailer service.


The next step is to add each other on Skype and chat (or quick call) about your project, We need to ask

a few questions to you before we can provide an accurate and fair quote.It's easier in real-time.

So please add us to skypeour username is: myapptrailers


Or simply click on the attached Skype button and we'll be able to talk or chat with you if we are online.


Please choose from one of the Templates below. We will add more constantly. The ones that are "Template Sections" (Intro, Content, Outro) are in fact iPhone4. Don't worry, we are not using them any more, we have updated to iPhone5, Samsung Galaxy S3 and S4, The New iPad, and Kindle Fire. Only use the following videos as reference to what elements you would like to have in your own App Trailer, and comment with us.


Soon we'll be adding Full Templates to choose from, meanwhile you can also choose from our Portfolio section under "Works" tab.

App Trailer Templates
App Trailer Templates
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